Leader in MeIn the 2010-2011 school year, Scott City R-1 made the decision to become a Leader In Me school at the elementary and middle school levels, a program designed to teach students important values like leadership, responsibility and teamwork. It encourages students to make good choices and to take charge of their own lives. The Leader In Me program was developed around the highly successful and highly effective 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Dr. Stephen Covey.

"It's a tried and true program, recognized by business leaders throughout the world as a way to promote leadership and teamwork," said Superintendent Diann Ulmer, who chose to become a licensed facilitator after being extremely impressed with the training she received as part of the 7 Habits program. "It's used worldwide, and it's highly acclaimed. In the elementary school, you see more of the kids taking ownership and satisfaction of what they are accomplishing. They're taking on leadership roles, such as conducting and leading the Monday morning assemblies. During Back to School enrollment, students came out and showed the new students around the school. Ram Club, the Elementary Choir, Art Club, and the Science Club have been changed or created in the elementary to work with Leader in Me."

Leanne Grant, a Middle School English teacher who also chose to become a licensed facilitator, has spent a substantial amount of time working with the Leader in Me program, both learning and training others in it. "I'm starting to see kids take responsibility for their actions and starting to see it affect the staff as well. It definitely affects the way you look at things. If we're able to build leaders, there will be a better sense of community. It will help Scott City as a whole to be a place to inspire leaders of the future. I see it becoming a way of life rather than a program." Mrs. Grant loves the Leader in Me program being implemented in the elementary and middle schools, and would like to see it expand into the high school as well. "If it can be made to be important to 16 and 17 year olds, it would truly make a difference."

If you are interested in learning more about the Leader in Me program, check out the official website of The Leader in Me. It is full of information, such as what the program is, how it accomplishes its goals, how schools implement it and more. Additionally, Mrs. Grant suggested watching an interview with Dr. Stephen Covey himself, conducted by Success Television. In the following video, Dr. Covey talks about choosing success and being responsible for your choices.

The Leader in Me program is one of the many ways Scott City R-1 is working hard to educate its students. Inside the classroom and out, Scott City R-1 is committed to its mission statement of "Growing, Developing, and Graduating Leaders by Inspiring One Student at a Time".