The Science Club is open to all academically eligible high school students. Our club's focus is to promote an interest in all aspects of science.

We actively promote recycling and have incorporated a recycling program in the high school. Students began by creating and posting flyers to educate people about recycling by including the types of materials that can be recycled as well as what happens to our trash when it is not recycled. Recycling bins were placed in the rooms of participating teachers and these are emptied on a weekly basis. The materials are then sorted for transport to the local recycling center.

Some club members participate in the Science Olympiad, a science competition involving various areas of science. Each participating school competes with a team of 15 students. Students work in groups of 2 or 3 depending upon the event. There are 23 events ranging from Anatomy & Physiology knowledge tests, building protein models, constructing mousetrap vehicles, towers, helicopters, and musical instruments. We begin with a regional competition, typically scheduled for the month of February. Teams that place 1st - 3rd are eligible to compete at the state level in Columbia, Mo.

Member also perform science demonstrations for elementary students. Elementary teachers are invited to the high school science lab where club members perform simple experiments or demonstrate various science phenomena. Demonstrations are typically scheduled once per semester.

2011-2012 Officers

President: Brittany

Vice-President: Andrea

Secretary: Mollie

Treasurer: Jake

Science Club PhotoOn Tuesday, November 15, Mrs. Weber, Mrs. Kirchner and seven of their students attended the program "Navigating the Hemispheres of Neuroscience" at Southeast Hospital.  The program included dinner and a presentation by Dr. Scott Gibbs, a neurosurgeon at the Brain and NeuroSpine Clinic of Missouri.  Dr. Gibbs discussed his background as a neurosurgeon and shared several inspiring stories of patients he has successfully treated.  The group was then treated to a tour of two surgical suites and an introduction to many of the tools used in performing brain, spinal, or nerve surgeries.  The evening concluded with a tour of the new Southeast Cancer Center.  Students were able to tour the rooms where cancer patients receive radiation treatments  and see firsthand how the treatments are administered.

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