The SCHS Players are getting ready to present their latest production, "Chicago Fractured". It will be Scott City's first musical in thirty years. The show will debut April 19th, and run from the 19th until the 21st, with two showings on Saturday the 21st. All three dates will feature a 7 p.m. show and the Saturday matinee will have a 1 p.m. showing. Come join the SCHS Players for a night of musical talent, antics and laughter.

Comments from Mr. Madry, theatre teacher:

The first musical in 30 years was quite an undertaking. I took the script of Chicago and along with ideas from the dancers/actors rewrote, updated and built a whole new show. The production centers around Catherine and Kaylee, two high school girls who are at odds with one another. Their theatre class has been assigned to 'modernize' a musical and these two are paired up with one another. Through this rewrite, you get to see two storylines (Chicago and Fractured). Chicago takes place in Kaylee and Catherine's mind, while Fractured takes place in a high school classroom.

Basically, we kept the best elements of Chicago and created a new 'animal'. We also kept all of the favorite songs that Chicago has to offer while adding more dance numbers in that students and parents will love.

I'm very proud of my actors/dancers and techies. It's through their determination and learning that has made this production possible.