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The SCHS Players would like to thank everyone who came out for their production of "Clue". The play was a classic "whodunit" performance, with the characters you know and love from the board game of the same name, all trying to figure out who killed Mr. Boddy. Well, at least who killed him the second time. Apparently he wasn't quite dead the first. Throughout the play, more and more people show up to the manor, and more and more of these people wind up dead, and the party guests are trying to figure out who is responsible, while also trying to control their own fear of the killer. After the last guest (a singing telegram girl) is shot, the butler, Wadsworth, explains to all the guests who was responsible. Of course, it couldn't be a simple explanation (or a short one!), so the final scene of the play has all the guests running back and forth throughout the manor to explain the murders. The entire play was quite the comedy, and the final scene, especially, had the audience laughing non-stop the entire scene through. We hope you enjoyed coming out and watching the SCHS Players demonstrate all the hard work they put into such a fantastic play.


2011-2012 Officers

President: Maria

Vice-President: Elaina

Secretary: Kim

Treasurer: Lauren

Historian: Andrea